PVC Tiles
  • Durable PVC rugged floor tiles
  • Eco Friendly–Made from recycled PVC
  • Size: 335mm x 335mm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Quick and easy flooring installations
  • Rugged floor tiles clip into one another
  • Little or no production down time when installing
  • Can be removed and re-laid
  • Easy cleaning with a broom for outdoor use
  • Installation: Factory Floors, Garage Floors, Educational Facilities, Nurseries, Office Floors, Gymnasiums, Supermarkets, Laboratories, Electrical Substations, Car Showrooms, Exhibition Stands, Spares Counters and Container Floors
  • Professional installation team available
  • Free Quotations

All fittings, trimmings and glue are available!

  • Order code R40
  • Dimensions 335mm x 335mm x 40mm
  • Wall thickness 4mm
  • Wall height 40mm
  • Weight per unit 500gr
  • Weight per m˛ 500gr x 9 = 4,5kg
  • Material 100% recycling material PE (polyethylene)
  • Compression strength Up to 20 tonnes axle load in accordance with DIN 1027
  • Carrying load per m˛ Up to 120 tonnes
  • Dimensional stability Temperature range -50° to 90° C
  • Dimensional change 0,5% (for a normal temperature) +20° to 80° C
  • Absorption of humidity 0,01%
  • Environmental compatibility Environmentally neutral in accordance with DIN 33412 UV and frost resistant
  • Solubility Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohol, oil and petrol (de-icing salt, ammonia, acid rain, etc.)
  • Laying performance 100m˛ per person an hour

  Shower Mats
  • For use in showers, bathrooms, wash bays, change houses, bakkies etc.
  • Dimensions 335mm x 335mm x 10mm
  • Eco Friendly - made from recycled PVC
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Quick and easy flooring installation


 Rugged Plastic Rakes
  • This is the Rugged Plastic rake.
  • The rake-head is made from virgin plastic & the handle is an A-grade, 25mm round wooden handle which is thicker than the usual 20mm handle on the market.  We've studied the other plastic rakes on the market and we improved and strengthened our complete rake.
  • We reinforced the head of this rake at 3 (three) places, three on the fingers and one on the body (where they usually break).
  • We put a wedge under the bend of the fingers to strengthen them there.

  • The handle is attached to the head socket with a screw, not a staple.
  • We supply the Plastic Rake in 8 (eight) different colours. It looks good on the shelf and draws attention – good for sales.

 Rugged Steel Rakes
  • This is the Rugged Steel rake.
  • It has replaceable spring steel fingers.
  • 25mm round, galvanised steel handle.
  • This rake is very durable and strong and performs well in rough terrain such as gravel, stone & sticks.

 Rugged Watering Cans
  • We also manufacture a Rugged Plastic Watering Can.
  • It is made out of virgin plastic.
  • It is an open top can with a none-drip spout.
  • At this stage we have them in 2 (two) colours, but planning to do them in the same colours as the Rugged Plastic Rakes.

 Wooden Handles
  • We can also supply a 25mm x 1,2m as well as a 22mm x 1,2m round wooden handle.


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